New Year, New Boots.

New Boots

Well 2017 is shaping up to be a year of new challenges indeed.  In a moment of madness ShopGirl agreed to join a fantastic group of women on a trek up the worlds tallest freestanding mountain, Kilimanjaro.  All 5,895m of it, or if you still work in old money, 19,340ft.  Either way you look at it it’s massive in every way.

Here she will be charting some of the highlights (and quite possibly the low lights).  Read it, share it, follow it and help Shopgirl raise some funds to help people survive when their lives are shattered by conflict and disaster.  You might naturally expect Shopgirl would be lining up to raise money for one of the many very worthy pet charities, as did she, but with the political and social climate we see unfolding, the images we see of war torn Syria and the attitude some global leaders are taking towards refugees has made it seems that now, more than ever before, we need to do something to help refugees.  So Shopgirl is raising money for the International Rescue Committee UK, a charity founded at Albert Einstein’s request, the IRC offers lifesaving aid and solutions to today’s most challenging human crises.

Shopgirl will be trekking up that hill carrying more than most refugees leave their homes and lives with, she has set herself the very amitious target of raising a £1 a meter, £5,895.  Sponsor her a metre, sponsor her ten or even twenty metres, every penny you donate will help her reach the summit and make a difference.

You can donate here, at Shopgirls BT MyDonate page and follow her on twitter @FetchPetShop or Instagram.

The Thunders roll at Giffords Circus

The utterly wonderful Giffords Circus is rolling up at Bath’s Alice Park this week.  If you haven’t been, you should.  This year brings another wonderfully raucous show from start to finish with Tweedy weaving his hilariuos thread through a dazzling array of juggling, contorting, balancing and even a bit of knife throwing which make up this swords and sandals extravaganza.  Chuck in a pair of Dalmations, a couple of terriers, horses big and small, a goose and some white doves and you’ll start to get an idea of the Circus that Toti and Nell Gifford have created.

We are fresh from our annual picnic on Minchinampton Common prior to the Saturday evening show and our small party of circus going friends all agree that this is the laughing highlight of our year.  Every year.  A chilly picnic under a towering oak while the lights on the big top glow brighter as the night draws in, the side show of beautiful wagons that house the gifts, candyfloss and now even a travelling restuarant, this spectacle of a very British summer comes to life on the Giffords tour every year.  We’d describe it as a show somewhere between theatre, musical and circus with a large dolop of good old slap stick from Tweedy which will have you smiling for days.

This is the third show directed by the talented Cal McCrystal and it is as fantastic as the last two!  We knew it would be good as soon as we saw the flyer with it’s winged dalmation and the Aristotle quote  “The Gods too are fond of a joke”.  The highlight for us was indeed the dogs, Tarquin and Domino the Dalmations and terriers, Griffin and Hades jumped through hoops, rode on horses and (mostly) did as they were told.  Sparky has a way to go yet but we are tempted to get us a hoop to start training…..

Giffords will be performing at Alice Park in Bath from Thursday 21st – Tuesday 26th August.

For more information or to book tickets go to or call the box office on 0845 459 7469.

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